Importance Of Smart Boards In Education

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Importance Of Smart Boards In Education

What does the term “SMART Board” mean in education? What are the advantages of smart boards in UAE? SMART Boards are interactive whiteboards that allow students to select answers instead of simply typing them. They are also used to run online resources, such as multiple-choice quizzes and gap-fill exercises. Using smart boards in education also allows teachers to play DVDs and run internet content on their boards.

Teachers can stand in front of the board and engage students:

There are many benefits of using SMART Boards in education. In addition to connecting computers to the board, teachers can stand in front of the board and engage students. They can use software lessons, interactive websites, and PowerPoint presentations to demonstrate concepts to their students. The technology also enables teachers to include students who cannot attend class or live far away in their lessons. Smart boards also allow teachers to hold one-on-one review sessions with students.

Ideal for facilitating whole-class discussions:

A SMART Board is also ideal for facilitating whole-class discussions. Students can write answers to questions directly on the board, and the teacher can save the information for later reference. Teachers can also upload information, such as the syllabus, onto the board so that students can access it anytime. Once a lesson is over, the teacher can review the students’ work and assist afterward. The technology is environmentally friendly and minimizes the teacher’s workload.

Allow teachers to showcase student projects:

The use of interactive whiteboards in education has several benefits. These tools allow teachers to showcase student projects and create slide shows that can be shared in real-time. For example, a teacher might assign a PowerPoint project on any topic. The student responsible for presenting the project can also use an interactive whiteboard to create a slide show for the class. This is a great way to reinforce the lesson and allow students to understand the information better.

Help with lesson planning:

Teachers can also use interactive whiteboards for lesson planning. Teachers can plan their lessons by identifying specific learning objectives and scheduling certain tasks. Interactive whiteboards can help students learn vocabulary, match words with pictures, and perform other activities that can increase their understanding. Teachers can use multimedia content on these boards during lectures to enhance students’ learning experience. The benefits of using an interactive whiteboard in education can’t be overstated.