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Questions to ask about custom clearance

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Custom clearance Dubai is an important part of shipments that comes from other countries as the related bodies will have to make sure that there is nothing comes in the country which is illegal or prohibited and also they have to know about the imports of the country so they will check that and then people have to pay the taxes to get their shipment cleared. There are a lot of questions in the mind of people who are importing something for the first time and to get these questions cleared you have to read more here:

Do they open shipments?

Some people think that during the custom clearance the governmental body will open up all the packages and that’s why they are hesitant to order something from other countries. The reality is that they will not open all the packages instead they have x-ray machines in there and the packages will have to go through them. After that you can get your package but if they find something suspicious during the scan then they will open that up and call you for an explanation.

Are custom charges necessary to pay?

Different countries have different rules for that and also when you book something then the seller will clear about the matter that whether you have to pay the custom duty separately or it is added in to the price of your goods. You have to read that carefully and then keep an estimate that how much you have to pay extra when the shipment reached to you. You have to pay according to your country rules and some countries will have the rule that you will not have to pay any custom duty when your goods have amount which is below a certain amount.

What is custom duty?

People ordering something for the first time may not have the knowledge about the process and what they have to pay as custom duty or what a custom duty is. You have to know that custom duty is the estimation or a percentage of the amount of the good which you are going to get from another country and the amount will be estimated in the local amount so the people can pay that easily and also they can understand about the value without any problem, size doesn’t matter in this.